Passion or Experience? What helps in startup success?


Passion and experience go hand in hand. A start-up starts well only if the entrepreneurs have a liking to the field and not experience alone. Sometimes, experience with no passion can make a person feel bored after putting 100 percent in specific projects. With the right combo of being passionate and experienced, the start-up can flourish every day of the year. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of passion or experience for a better start on your entrepreneurial journey.

Why be passionate?

According to research, a survey got conducted, and the results tabulated where passion stood out among 800 companies. When the employees and the owner asked for a reason for highlighting passion over experience, they said that passion is a driving force that leads you to define success for the start-up you’re working for, without being distracted or bored in the middle of the work of action.

The necessity of experience cannot ignore as it is required to know the essentials of working at the start-up. But, experience without being passionate holds no roots. Without the ignition of spark to do something, one cannot have the desired results because of distracting, frequently in the middle. Therefore, being passionate is a must when you lay the foundation for your business or start-up. And, you must expect the same passionately working and fire from your staff.

Appointing people with experience and no passion can face tricky situations later. But, having a passionate staff, you’ll be close to marvelous achievements every day. A passionate person can have experience through years or months of hard work, but an experienced person cannot become passionate all of a sudden.

Reasons Passion Drives Success

Passionate working leads to Start-up Ideation

It would help if you did not plan ideas based on frustrations or failures you felt at some particular time. You should feel connected with the ideas, and then you can put them into work. If there are chances that occur and you fail to succeed, you’ll try again until you get successful. It happens because the pessimistic cloudy thoughts can’t get clingy after you choose to be passionate.

When you choose to become passionate about being just an experienced fellow, you notice more flexibility in your work and improved planning till execution, unlike before.

For identifying what exactly you’re passionate about, practice observing the things or subjects that make it super exciting and enthusiastic to try out new stuff in that zone. When you know your favorites, start implementing your vision and ideas, and in months you’ll notice that your start-up has a fueled vision with directed goals.

Being passionate drives motivation into everyday work.

If you get up every day for work and feel low at energy all the time, it means you aren’t passionate about succeeding.

The love for your start-up will motivate you by making you run through the day accomplishing at least 2 to 3 tasks out of the ten listed in your to-do list of the day. This passionate love for the accomplishment of goals won’t stop you. It will make you feel enthusiastic each day to perform a little better than yesterday.

A passionate working staff same like you will yield positives for your brand or start-up. In this way, your personal and business passion goals will resemble your team, directly creating a successful impact on your overall brand performance.

Being passionate often triggers survival instincts

There are no sweet treats every time in the working of a start-up. Many times, after vigorous hard work, still deals fail. But, if you don’t have a passionate staff or intense desire for your business, then it isn’t easy at all to survive amid the dark days.

Only passion can live that enthusiasm and determination even on the saddest days for your start-up or brand. It’s due to passionate people know that these clouds of sadness will disappear and till dawn, they have to work with the same energy and happiness to outshine massively and have a comeback like never before.

Being passionate drives loyalty

When you desire something badly, you never lie in your actions, words, or progress. The passionately working with honesty is visible in your start-up if you have that heating desire in you. Also, try looking for partners that feel the same as your brand and are honest to reward your efforts and hard work.

Final Words

As mentioned above, passion and experience go hand in hand. We can’t deny the importance of experience, and we can’t even be dependent on our liking. The knowledge and the desire to make your start-up a brilliant platform that welcomes talent, nurture it with the right resources, and make him experienced in his form are all required by your start-up or brand to be successful and famous around.

Remember to applaud your team whenever you can to keep them motivated. You can even introduce incentives to the best working team members to keep them moving. Like you, everyone is significant in their roles. Therefore, don’t underestimate them and try motivating them as much you can. Have a healthy working, passionate and experienced staff at your brand.

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