5 Warning signs- You’re not fit to be an entrepreneur


An entrepreneur is a person who has the passion and determination to create something that makes our lives easier. Most people work a 9 to 5 job and are happy with it, but being an entrepreneur is different; entrepreneurs work around the clock. They have to keep trying out new ideas as soon as they pop up in their head.

Nowadays, the new generation wants to make their money quick and get out. But an entrepreneur has to be very patient, you may have a million-dollar idea in your head, but it does not materialize into anything until you execute it properly. One should consider many factors before starting a new venture, and one should be ready to handle failure well.

An entrepreneur has to jump through lots of hoops to be somewhat successful; the first giant monster that faces them right away is the financial problem. No matter what the idea may be, its execution requires lots of cash in hand and assets in the back pocket. And if an individual does not have the needed resources, they may give up on the idea before it ever goes through phase one, or they may have to take a massive loan from the bank.

Do you know that over 50 percent of businesses in the United States fail in just five years from their conception? Failure, debt, and loss are reasons that people do not choose to leave their 9 to 5 for entrepreneurship. Hence, you must consider everything literally before starting a new business. If you are fearful of directly every step you take in your life, it may be safe to assume that you are not cut out to be an entrepreneur. Let’s discuss five warning signs that will tell you that you should not continue pouring more time and resources into your startup:

You don’t like taking risks.

It is quite possible that if you do not like too many changes in your life, then being an entrepreneur may not be for you. As an entrepreneur, you will have to get out of your comfort zone to take risks that may help out your business in the long run. You may have to take risks that may not pay off, but it just comes with the state of the market these days.

The most prominent entrepreneurs all over the world did not make history by not taking risks. An entrepreneur will have to keep changing their strategies to keep up with the needs of the market. Risk-taking is an integral part of our lives; we can’t be sure of every move we make; sometimes, you just have to jump in without thinking of the consequences. If you are not up for the unpredictable nature of this career, you should not consider becoming an entrepreneur. 

Time management

Most people have to quit being an entrepreneur because they can’t manage their regular job and still follow their dreams simultaneously. Time management is essential to be a successful entrepreneur. I have seen people break their backs on jobs that they don’t like at all, but they don’t want to quit the job either, as it would mean not paying their bills.

I have nothing but respect for people that work a job to feed their families, but if you have a dream that you want to materialize, then you may have to find time to work at your plan too. Hence, to be an entrepreneur, you must know how you use the time you have on your hands very carefully. You may have to skip a few meals here and there, attend meetings on odd dates, but all of this comes with being an entrepreneur, and if you don’t like it, maybe you should think again before starting a business of your own. 


People worldwide think that a great business idea can make you rich quickly; I am here to tell you that is not the case. You may have to work for years before you see profit in your business. Entrepreneurs worldwide did not become millionaires overnight; one has to work for several months and years to become a successful entrepreneur in the long run. When starting a new business, you need to understand that it won’t give you immediate returns. So, if you are not a patient person, maybe entrepreneurship is not for you.

You lack the flair for marketing.

When running a business, you must understand that marketing is critical. Marketing a product or service is very important as it attracts new clients to your business. You may need to think outside the box to successfully sell your product. You will have to have a marketing strategy right from day one.

A great marketing strategy, when followed step-by-step, will eventually get you to your desired goal. But if you start the business without actually studying the market, you may be in great trouble. The target audiences and trends of certain products change in a matter of months. If you do not have any marketing strategy right from the get-go, your business may not take off for quite some time. 

All talk and no game

As we discussed in the point mentioned above that you need to have a strategy, but if you never act on the system you have made, you may be in trouble. If you keep on making plans and then don’t act on them, you may be wasting the time of all the members involved in the project with you. Planning is the first step, but the execution of the plan is critical.

There can be many reasons an aspiring entrepreneur may not be executing the plan they made; one of the most prominent reasons for not acting on a project is being afraid of the unpredictable. Hence, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, always make sure that you work on the plans you make. 


The 5 points that we have discussed are some signs you need to watch out for a while starting a new venture. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging at times, but it has its perks too. So, if any of the points I mentioned above are stopping you from becoming the next big thing, start working on them immediately. Once you overcome those hurdles, there will be nothing to stop you from reaching your goal. 

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