Benefits of surveys & how it can improve your business?


With the post-pandemic world finally regaining momentum, it is time for things to open up again and go back to the normal before the “new normal.” However, the normalcy came at a cost as the past year has etched itself in the annals of crisis that humankind has ever faced, as a “once in a century” disaster. One of them is the effect it had on the economy and the several businesses of the world.

The pandemic had affected every business in a similar detrimental fashion over the past year. With their finances in the doldrums, it became difficult for the companies to catch up with the rapid changes. Still, there remained one constant thing that was there before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and will be there after the pandemic. The one thing that can drive your business on the path of growth, give insights as to where your company lags, what improvement your product needs- no matter what the condition may be. These are customer surveys.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the benefits of surveys and how businesses can gain insights from it.

Customer interaction

There has never been a better way than by communicating with your target audience for any business, to know whether it is faring well or not. This feedback is as valuable for companies as breathing is for humans! For what good are your company and your business if it does not solve the problems of people? In such scenarios, the business won’t thrive and would eventually die out.

To prevent such things from happening and check the viability of the product which you market, it is imperative to have customer surveys. Apart from all of these factors that are attained via surveys that are done at regular intervals, it also helps in indirectly generating revenue which would be beneficial for the company. It brings forward the scope of improvement by pointing out the customer preferences.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let us take a step back and analyze point by point as to HOW CUSTOMER SURVEYS CAN IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS?

Benefits of Surveys

Here is a list of four ways (and reasons if your company does not do it) through that, a customer survey can boost a business.  


If you are a beginner or even if you are a veteran of the business, customer surveys can never do you any harm. 

For a novice starter, it is all about believing in the product that he/she brings to the market. And for that, one requires confidence. Customer surveys can help instill confidence in people who desire it. By seeking customer reviews, you get to know whether your product is viable or not, does it appeal to the audience or not. It helps you get a picture of what perception the public holds of your product. It can be either good or bad. But the individual must take it in his/her stride and consider it as constructive criticism towards bettering their product.

On the same lines, it becomes imperative for the already established businesses to actively seek customer surveys. This feedbacks are very valuable as it gives an idea of what the product lacks in practice. What bothers the customers about your product? Is it the service, the cost, or the product itself? With these valuable inputs from multiple customers, you could observe a pattern and highlight the problems of your product and improve upon it; otherwise, your business would die out if it becomes stagnant.  


Benefits of surveys is usually in highlighting the negatives as well as the positives of your product. But a side benefit of a customer survey which even the most experienced businessmen would fail to notice, is the conducive environment it creates for the generation of new ideas. Often brainstorming over the same idea by a team would not yield any new ideas for the betterment.

Or it might be the case that the team working on the project is oblivious to the actual problem and are busy trailing a false lead. Thus customer surveys would help highlight these issues or would highlight the plus points of the product giving the team a new perspective on something to work on, whether to improve or to better. 


Customers tend to be more attached to a product if they feel that they are part of a family. And what does being a family member encapsulate? To listen to other members and their queries and grievances. Customer surveys provide you with the best vehicle to drive your relationship forward with your target audience. It helps them attach themselves and see themselves as one with the product.

Also, it helps to develop the relationship between a business and a person. It gives an outlet for them to express their feelings and be part of something. It would further lead them to believe your product thus, leading to the success of your business.


One other major benefits of surveys is that it also helps in understanding the competition and the feeling of the customers towards the competition. In a cut-throat business world, there are bound to be competitors who would try to snatch away your customers. A survey could help you understand what drives this shift of customers and help recognize the competitor’s services which the audience finds alluring. 


What are the insights can one gain from customer surveys?

The benefits of surveys in gaining insights for businesses are as follows:
1) Get feedback on new ideas
2) If you are a beginner, you will get to know your target audience.
3) Help establish a benchmark for the business.
4) Can help in forecasting future sales and improving upon them.

What should be considered before doing market research?

Many things are to be taken into account before market research. One of the most important of them is knowing the sample size of your survey. It should not be too small to not include all the perspectives, but at the same time, it should not be even that large that it becomes cumbersome to manipulate the data. This sample size should further take into account the errors that might occur while collecting and manipulating the data.

What are some of the questions one can ask in a consumer survey?

It could include:
1) Are you satisfied with the product?
2) Do you see any flaws? If yes, kindly state them.
3) Is the service provided for the product good?
4) What can the company do to better them?

Should the survey be anonymous?

It can depend on the situation to the situation. Sometimes knowing the customer can help improve and resolve the problem at a faster rate. But at other times, customers wish to remain anonymous while giving reviews.

How long should the survey be?

Too long a survey can bore people. They might lose seriousness while filing it. It must be short as well as it should ask all the pertinent questions. Don’t ask for subjective answers as far as possible. Go for choice-filling answers.


Customer surveys are the stepping stones to success for any business, as has been made evident throughout this passage! So what are you waiting for? Go carry out your survey and grow your business today!

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