Hiring a Social Media Consultant: Pros and Cons


Having a social media presence in the 21st Century is an essential part of marketing your business. Brands like Zomato are creating immense buzz on every social media platform with their unique marketing strategies. The majority of customers Starbucks, Nike, GoPro and various such brands generate are through their continuous social media activities.

The business landscape is getting competitive every day. The increasing load of work has not left the businesses with enough time to manage their social media pages properly. Moreover, with the developments in the digital space, it becomes difficult for managers to learn new social media marketing skills and apply them on time. It is a wise choice to hire outsourced help in such cases. But are you aware of the pros and cons that social media consultants come with? 

You cannot find a magnet with a single pole. One has not seen a coin with only one face. So is the case with hiring a social media consultant. Where hiring professional help can improve your social media image to a great extent, there are many cons attached to this outsourced help. Read this article to know more about hiring a social media consultant. 


Time Saver

One of the major benefits of hiring a social media consultant is to save time. Handling a personal social media account is different than handling a social media page for a business. One requires ample time to plan and promote the page online. Hiring a social media consultant can help you save the time required to manage your page. It also eliminates the frustration related to managing a page. What might take you a couple of hours to execute can be done within a couple of minutes by social media consultants!


Social media marketing is not as easy as ABC to learn. Someone with basic knowledge might also require a considerable amount of time to learn and apply the technicalities accurately. Moreover, it becomes nearly impossible for managers to keep a track of the latest trends in the digital space. Social media Consultants come in handy with the latest trends and tricks to promote your page. They have immense knowledge of establishing strong communication with your customers. They are well aware of using social media platforms to achieve your organization’s goals. 

Strategy formation

Social Media consultants are the best people to identify the correct strategy suitable for achieving business goals. The digital space demands proper planning and application of strategies to achieve results. Posting content randomly without a target does not reap benefits here. Hiring a social media consultant will get you an expert to create such strategies keeping in mind your business goals. 

Experience matters

Experience matters a lot in terms of digital marketing. Social media consultants are experienced individuals in this space. These professionals can apply such experience to understand and forecast the outcomes of using a particular strategy or technique. They can also use their past expertise to formulate contents and strategies which have proved to be the most useful in their previous activities. 


Added on expense

Social Media Consultants are not free of cost. Hiring help to manage your social media page would increase your expenses. The expenses may vary depending upon the agency. If you do not have sufficient resources to finance this hired help, you would not be able to hire a consultant.

Limitation in your business knowledge

A social media consultant is an outsider you hire for managing your digital space. Given this fact, they would not have enough knowledge about your business as you do. It takes immense time and effort to understand the details of your internal working patterns. The majority f these consultants do not have the required time to dig deep into your business analytics. Thus having a limited amount of knowledge may also reap your results accordingly. Poor judgment of your business operations leads to poor presentation of facts and contents online. 

Decentralizing control

As a manager, you might require to work in a centralized control environment. Hiring a social media consultant leads to the division of control. There can lack of consistency and clarity in your social media promotional strategies and working patterns. You might not be able to control the techniques you want to apply for making use of your digital space. All of these can lead to a ruckus in your organization. 

Compromising in your page’s responsiveness

The world is fast-moving and customers expect quick responses from businesses. A social media consultant or agency handling your social media handles might not fit their responses to the expected timeframe. This can cost you a loss of potential customers. Always clarify your expectations with the consultant before agreeing to a contract. This might help the consultant to understand the output he is expected to deliver. 

Above were some pros and cons of hiring a social media consultant which can turn your business around. It is very essential to weigh these pros and cons before making any hiring decision. Always do your homework before entering into a contract with a social media agency.


Still, have questions about social media management? Check out our frequently asked questions, articulated especially for you. 

Does the social media manager post for our business? 

Social Media Management is also known as a ghost service. A consultant will use your business’s social media handles to post your business’s contents. A social media manager is a third person who portrays your business on online platforms. 

Does responding to comments come under customer responsiveness?

Absolutely! Responding to comments is a part of your customer service. You can respond to the comments and thank your followers for their appreciation. In case of any criticism, you must apologize and assure your followers that you will improve your products. You can also like the comments in case of unresponsiveness on your part. 

How often does a social media manager posts on a page? 

The intervals of posting on a social media page depends on the objectives of your business. A social media manager can post regularly if you want your page to ook active. If you want your social media pages to engage with your customers and sell your products, the social media consultant will follow strategic posting techniques and intervals.  

Why do we need a professional social media manager to handle the digital space? Can’t we just hire a part-time intern to manage the pages? 

This choice depends on the end goals you want to achieve from your social media page. You can hire an intern just to post content on your page. But creating quality content according to the vision of your business, forming strategies to increase the visibility of your social media handles, engage customers in interesting conversations, and selling your products online require expert knowledge. An intern might not be able to do that but a professional social media manager can. The choice is yours. 

What social media platforms are covered in social media management? 

Social Media is a vast ocean. You can promote your business on Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for promoting your products and hiring subordinates for your business. 

Hope this article was helpful to you!

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