Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2021



The ever-changing digital space is a testimony to how dynamic your strategies need to be to excel in the market. Each of your techniques needs to be unique and attractive to acquire the attention of your target audience. However, some common digital marketing mistakes can affect your strategies in ways you are unaware of.

These mistakes are trivial enough to be seen in the general course of your business. But they might end up costing you huge losses in the long run. Do you know about the silly mistakes you might have been making in your digital marketing space? Read the article below and get an insight into the mistakes you must avoid in digital marketing: 

Poor investments in your website

In the current competition, a business without a website already lacks behind its competitors. Having a website is not the end goal for any business. It is next to impossible for customers to find your website amidst the 15 million websites present on World Wide Web if you do not promote it. One of the most common mistakes that businesses do is to not invest in their websites. You must invest in SEO, SEM, and quality content to enhance your website visibility.

Investing in search engines can help you promote your content amongst your target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the quality of your website traffic. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) improves the visibility of your website in search engines. Applying such knowledge to your content can automatically drive potential traffic towards your website. Learning SEO and SEM are no longer difficult with the advancements in the internet. You can easily gain some experience in this area on your own with different online mediums.

Targeting the wrong audience

Often, success on digital media platforms is measured by the increasing number of followers and visitors on your website. If you notice a rise in the number of followers on your social media pages, you might wonder that your business is getting a good outreach. But it is important to check whether these increasing numbers of followers consist of your target audience.

Another common mistake found in digital marketing is targeting the wrong audience. If your website or social media pages are not reaching your desired target audience, your investment in your digital space goes in vain. In such a case, you must review your digital media plans and evaluate the platforms where your ads are visible. You might also need to change your marketing communication methods in order to target your potential customer base. 

Using luring phrases and word – Click baiting

A very common practice seen amongst digital marketers is click-baiting. Clickbait is content that transforms your original information into luring phrases to grab your customer’s attention. It makes your content appealing enough to lure your target audience. But in reality, the phrases do not do justice to the real value of your product. Some common click baits can be ‘You will never believe this’ or ‘Achieve results with just a click’. These phrases make your content look enticing when it is actually believable by the common population.

Such techniques bring your company’s image down and badmouth your website in the market. You must overcome this practice by creating quality and unique content. Lure your customers n the basis of your creativity. You must focus on delivering real value to your customers via your websites. This will gain your viewers’ confidence as they would appreciate the honesty in your content. Your customers will become your regular viewers in no time if what you advertise and what you actually deliver are not contradictory. 

Impersonal Communications

There is nothing worse than impersonal communications with your customers. Every business provides content that is common for every customer in their target audience. But small steps to make your content personalized make your customers feel that you care about them. Adding sentimental values to your content will attract your potential customer base.

There are several ways you can establish this personalized communication with your customers. Sending complimentary products, personalized birthday wishes, or festive greetings to your customers once in a while can show your efforts in providing them with a good customer experience. Many marketers avoid this step due to the hard work involved. However, these little techniques can make you stand out from your competitors. 

Unrealistic Goals

Digital marketing requires you to set goals that your business wants to achieve. Setting short, medium, and long term goals can help you plan your strategies systematically. However, setting these goals is a critical task for your business. Setting unrealistic goals count as the most common mistake most digital marketers do.

Expecting your business to convert every visitor into a potential sale, or doubling your outreach in 6 months are some examples of unrealistic goals. If your goals are unrealistic, no amount of investments in your digital space can help your business grow. On the contrary, it might cause you a huge loss of money. You must set realistic goals on the basis of your past experiences and marketing trends. 

Ignorance is not always a bliss

Being responsive to your customers is the first way of showing your interest in them. Often, many marketers tend to ignore email communications from their customers. If a customer takes out time to send you a feedback mail or asks you a query, you must revert back to them at your earliest. Ignoring customer emails makes your customers lose interest in your business.

You must respond to them not only throgh email but also through your actions. If they have positive feedback, you must acknowledge them. For criticisms, you must accept and apologize for the inconvenience caused and also improve your products to better their customer experience.

As a digital marketer, it is essential that you keep a check on such mistakes and improve your marketing techniques at every step. You need not have a high-quality plan for your business. Avoiding simple mistakes can gain huge benefits from your strategies.


Got a question? Check out the frequently asked questions below about mistakes in digital marketing to et a clarity: 

What is the role of technology in digital marketing mistakes? 

Technology is the base for digital marketing. Digital marketing grows with every advancement in technology.  If you are working with outdated software and techniques to promote your business, you will not gain many benefits as compared to your competitors. You must have your knowledge up to date regarding the latest advancements in this space. There are several online and offline courses to guide you through this. 

Are paid advertisements the only method for digital marketing?

While paid advertisements generate the majority of visibility on your website, it is important to understand the status your brand is at. If your aim is to make your brand visible, you must invest in paid advertisements. But if your brand has an already steady flow of visitors, then you must invest in enhancing the quality of your website and contents. 

Does the design of websites play any role here?

Absolutely! The presentation of your website matters equally to your target audience. No matter how strong your content is, it won’t reach your desired audience if they cannot understand your website’s presentation. Some common ways of making your website printable are easy navigation to various tabs, quick loading of websites on phones as well as desktops/laptops/tabs, and mobile responsiveness of your age. If your website is easily accessible anywhere and anytime, it becomes easier for your customers to react to your content. 

What is remarketing?

An often forgotten element of digital marketing is remarketing. Companies tend to engross themselves too much in acquiring new customers. As a result, they forget to market themselves to their existing leads. You must always keep tapping your existing customers to keep them on the fence. 

How can blogging help in overcoming digital marketing mistakes?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to drive huge traffic to your website. Often blogs are not found to be common amongst businesses as they stop blogging after a few posts. You can use blogs to your advantage by creating quality content regularly and interacting with your customers. These can help you gain their attention and drive them towards your website. 

Hope this article was helpful in understanding the mistakes commonly found in digital marketing. Keep exploring! Keep marketing.

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