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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you can! At Loans Sorted, we are always willing to help you gain maximum leverage according to your preferred lender. However, switching lenders can often be a tiresome process and might involve a great deal of paperwork besides other things, like varying interest rates. Nevertheless, we will always be there by your side to make things easy.

Interest rates vary from one lender to another. However, our vast network allows us to source the best rates for you across all types of loans.

Good question!

You see, we are a customer-oriented business that believes in complete transparency. We have established a great network of lenders that comprises more than fifty different lending institutions to help you find the best deal.

Sure, you can run the math alone but we are always better suited with live industry data, market insights on best rates from each lending institution, offering a comparative analysis of multiple offers on row and much more at our disposal.

So, why run around when we are here to offer a seamless experience, top-notch recommendations and perfectly structured lending options–something that a bank can seldom claim to offer.

We do not own a credit license, and we don’t charge our customers for the services rendered. Instead, we have a common prearranged payment term in agreement with the lending institutions.

Certainly not!

Our idea is simple– to sort out the difficulties in the way of securing a loan.
In essence, our role is more of a comforting nature–imagine someone doing all the hard work on your behalf, negotiating to strike the best deal for our customers and buying you complete peace of mind.

No, we do not have a lending firm or any other financial organization to control our operations. Loans Sorted is an independently owned establishment where our sole commitment is to help our clients get the best deals on loans in the market. With industry experts on board, we have an excellent network of lenders working with us, and thus better placed to help fulfil your dreams.


Irrespective of your location, rural or urban, we cater to every individual looking for the best lending options and want it to be a zero-fuss process.

Falling short of the deposit amount when you are clearly avoiding paying LMI (Lender’s Mortgage Insurance) is something that can happen to anyone. However, the scenario is mostly witnessed with first home loans. This is where a guarantor loan can work towards your benefit as the lender will also issue a mortgage on the guarantor’s property which is the primary security for our own loan. Doing so readily allows one to help support the obligation of a guarantor and fulfil your financial objectives. However, as we always say, scenarios can differ from one individual to another and a detailed discussion with our experts will help you see the bigger picture.

A particular kind of facility that helps you gain smart access for all additional loan payments that you have made atop the minimum pay. Thus, when you hold on to all additional payments for your loan, they significantly work towards reducing the interest that one is supposed to pay–quite similar to an offset account. Redraw facility works towards offering you great flexibility to hold on the funds for addressing any emergency. Schedule an appointment with us and we can help you source the best option in the market.

When It comes to changing your mortgage, there isn’t any fixed duration. Thus, every time you choose to go for refinancing, you readily attract fees. Moreover, when you refinance, it can directly impact the loan duration or increase the number of payments. To make life easy, you will need to factor in the variables. That’s where Loan Sorted experts come in. All you need to do is to fix an appointment with us and we will help you gain a seamless perspective of things at hand.

Typically, when your fixed rate term ends, the interest rate goes back to the standard variable one. However, things might differ across loan types and case to case. Hence, it is for your benefit that you gain a comprehensive understanding of things by talking to one of our experts over the phone or in person.

Surely! As a matter of fact, display homes are a great investment option as they are usually well maintained and thus attract great renting options. Nevertheless, there can be certain hiccups in securing a loan for display homes as they have stringent laws with lease back options. Fret not! That’s where Loans Sorted comes in to help you seamlessly sort out your loan requirement.

Yes, you can. Our equity related loan specialists will help you maximize your existing equity to fulfil your purchase dreams. The best part, we’ll handle the complications and everything else that can be bothersome at times. That’s where Loans Sorted makes a difference.

Well, you can always do that. However, the first owner’s grant is considered to be a part of your savings only and there are several different eligibility conditions for a series of grants that has numerous cut-offs and criteria. Our experts can help maximize your potential for different grants and bring you one step close to your home purchasing dreams.

Ah! That’s kinda tricky to answer. You see, there is no single option that you can limit yourself to with investing in property. However, the general approach is to ascertain your finances and form a comprehensive idea about your borrowing potential.

At Loans Sorted, that’s the first checkpoint for almost every major loan that we process. When you speak to our loan experts, it is also important that you discuss and consider multiple property investment options and chalk out a successful strategy to defy the inherent risks.

Don’t worry! We will be right beside you from Day 1 to support at every step.

Bad credit history, like other facets of finance, vary from one situation to another. Generally, there can always be specialist lenders who are willing to help you secure loans with bad credit at special rates. Alongside, we will also help you shape up your credit history to avoid rejections in the future.

No, there isn’t anything stringent in terms of deposit amount as it varies from one situation to another, the lender organization, and your borrowing potential. However, with home loans, the rule of thumb says the lower the deposit amount, the more you will have to pay towards mortgage insurance and would attract other conditions.

When it comes to consolidation of debts, there’s a lot that boils down to your personal situation. Take consolidation of debts as a mortgage for instance. Typically, property loans attract lower interest rates, which means you could save on repayments, and that’s just one option because you got plenty, depending on the individual circumstances. At Loans Sorted, our financial experts can help assess your situation and then go on to recommend the best debt consolidation plan that works in your favour.

Simply put, a Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is more like a backup or safety feature enabled for loan repayments, in case you become a defaulter. In other words, if you fail to make a deposit of close to twenty percent, going forward, you will have to pay towards LMI.

Not necessarily, especially when you look at the positive side. Paying LMI enables you to get your hands on the property a tad bit earlier and you don’t have to pay towards a considerable deposit which generally involves more than a year of planning. Come, talk to us today and know more about LMI and everything else in between.

An offset account is one that is generally linked to one’s loan and is quite similar to a general transaction account. One of the significant benefits of an offset account is its capability to reduce the interest amount for your loan by a good percentage. As the name suggests, it works by offsetting the proportional balance against your total home loan balance, so that you only have to pay towards the interest for the difference. Loans Sorted can help you figure out your best options for offset and chalk out a functional plan to help you save big on interest.

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