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Project Management Office

Every client is unique. So are their needs. As unique as them. To make your business the perfect success, The Content Bot offers the best possible solution for your Digital Marketing Needs.

Our team of a passionate community, work together in bringing you the best of the products after a diversified work plan. Curious to know more? Here are our departments and workrooms.

Content Hub

  1. Content Generation
  2. Planning & Mind Map curation
  3. Create Content Calendar
  4. Content Writing
  5. Proofread for Spelling & Grammatical errors
  6. Quality Check
  7. Processing

Market Survey & PR

    1. Newspaper & Television Ads
    2. Billboards & Banners
    3. Ads Shooting
    4. Flyers & Vehicle Ads
    5. No Parking Boards & Median Advertising

Marketing Channel

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Hashtag & Keyword Research
  3. Strategy Kitchen
  4. ROI Management
  5. Past:Present: Future Ratio Curation
  6. Lead Generation

Trend Research & Forecast

  1. Ideation
  2. Innovate Techniques
  3. Graphical Trend Lines
  4. Memes & Pun Language
  5. Niche Competitors
  6. Festivals and News lines

Graphic Clan

  1. Colour Palette Management
  2. Graphic & Character code Management
  3. Instagram Gallery Sorting
  4. Layouts & Illustrations
  5. Typography & Brand Sync

Branding & Collaboration

  1. Self Branding
  2. Competitor DM Strategy
  3. Blog Collaborations
  4. Website and SEO Collabs
  5. Advantages in the Field
  6. Horizontal analysis
  7. Service privileges.

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